Our Roots
Our Objectives
John Scott(Chair/Coach)
Kate Ney (Secretary)
Kelly Pelham(Treasurer)
Mark Joblin
Shane Clapperton
Steve Webb
The Committee
1. To provide a place for school children to participate in the sport of triathlon

2. To give everyone a chance to be easily involved and enjoy the sport of triathlon

3. To provide a place for our competitive athletes to meet, train and race on a regular basis
The Eastland Triathlon & Multi Sport Club is made up of a committee of nine members from varied sporting backgrounds.

Triathlon was very strong here in Gisborne in the 90's and operated under the heading of the Eastland Tri Club. As with all sports, triathlon in Gisborne went through a lull with numbers dropping until the club was disestablished early in 2000. Sadly because Gisborne did not have a triathlon club these triathletes needed to join an outside club to be eligible for National age group contention

Multisport became the flavour of the day and Mark Sceats continued to run a winter program of duathlons as well as the popular Coast Duathlon and the Waimata Traverse. Then, in 2009 a group got together to resurrect the club.

Gisborne now has a number of triathletes who are competing at a high level. We already have some young athletes who have made a mark on the triathlon scene with Tayler Reid placing third in the U19 World Triathlon Championships in Auckland as well as several senior club members representing New Zealand at the Age Group World Championships, including Shane Clapperton, Jackie Clapperton, Trish McBreen, Nan Baker, Andy Baker, and Grace McConnochie who was unable to race due to injury.
Triathlon is the fastest growing individual sport in New Zealand and we, the committee, want to help Gisborne be part of it as well.